• 1 Wheel Wells, Tire Rims and Under Your Car
    Protect your car from the harmful build up of ice, snow and salt by spraying Ice X Anti-Stick Solution before the winter season. You will see results for up to 6 months!
  • 2 Pickups and 4x4s
    These all terrain vehicles are exposed to all types of heavy-duty dirt, water and ice - they are commonly used as snow plows too! Increase the longevity and maintain the pristine condition of your Pickup at the same time!
  • 3 Snow Plows
    Improve the effectiveness of your snow plows by keeping them free of ice, snow and grime build up with Ice X Anti-Stick. One application will last you half a year!
  • 4 Snow Blowers
    The number one reason your Snow Blower stops working the day of a big snow fall? Snow build up! No more with Ice X Anti-Stick Solution! Just spray it on your blades and enjoy a snow free drive-way!
  • 5 Trucks and Big Rigs
    These large transportation vehicles build up massive chunks of ice and snow, usually leaving them behind on highways and roads. Help reduce these unsafe conditions and improve the efficiency of transport by using Ice X Anti-Stick Solution!

Advanced Chemistry.

We have produced a fine liquid which provides a clear and harmless, non-defacing coating that protects from rust and corrosion minimizes the effect of Water, Snow, Ice and Dirt. It increases the longevity of your vehicle and keeps it easier to clean as well!

Various Applications.

Our solution is ideal for Snow Plow Blades, Snow Blowers, Snowmobiles, Truck/Trailer Roof-Tops, Under-Bodies and Wheel Wells of your Cars and Trucks.

How Does It Work?

Simply spray onto the desired areas of your vehicles and watch the coating repel Water, Snow, Ice and Dirt preventing corrosion at the same time! Re-apply as necessary when abrasion mechanically removes coating.

Contact Us.

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